Our Handmade Story

Katie and Olivia Handmade Goodies evolved from a hobby and passion into an online shop with the goal of spreading handmade joy through lovingly made crafts and gifts inspired by  Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. The shop seeks to be more than just a cat inspired enterprise. It seeks to celebrate the ethos involved in creating delightful handmade dolls and items that you can treasure in the years to come.  

Little shop assistant Sammy


Avid crafter and shop founder Christy Amular who enjoys sewing handmade dolls, softies and fabric crafts in her spare time named the shop from two of her favorite cats Katie and Olivia. Katie, a tabby cat has passed away but continues to be an inspiration for the Katie Kat doll collection.

Items featured in the shop are 100% handmade and slow-crafted in the non-cat area of the home based shop. A single doll or item usually takes weeks to complete since handiwork is not done on a full time basis.  In the tradition of handicrafted items, characteristics such as uneven stitchmarks and asymmetry are evident and deliberate. These little imperfect quirks are what sets apart handmade items from mass produced, machine-made items. Handmade items are personal, special and imbued with  love and soulful creativity.