About Us

Hello kindred soul,

Who are Katie and Olivia? They are adorable felines that have inspired the name of this cat inspired online handmade shop. Just one look at our logo and you would know   we love making handmade stuff and we love cats! Why not put them together as a shop concept then? We believe handmade objects, sundries and fancy necessities that inspire the soul are good for us. Be it for play, decor or utilitarian purposes,  handmade products add a bit of beauty and a dose of heartfelt sincerity to this otherwise impersonal world. Cats, just like coffee are there to provide the necessary warmth and peace to tide us through a hard day. 

It is our mission to create heartfelt handmade products that will bring joy and happiness to your days. We hope for you to share that joy too!

Christy Amular, Founder